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What we do

In a world where mass produced goods are labeled as luxury, the truly handmade becomes a rare and valuable discovery. From conception to the last stitch, the leather  produced by Reinares are created in-house by master Spanish craftsmen, made entirely by hand with skill, care and precision.
A Reinares handbag begins with the finest quality Italian and  leather. Our designs are then hand cut, stitched and formed by experienced artisans who have honed their craft for decades. Solid hardware from Spain complements the extraordinary raw materials that go into every creation.Limited production of small quantities allows for lavish attention to every detail. Only when the most rigorous standards of quality have been the verified does the Reinares emblem go on the bag. It marks the final step in a journey toward perfection.
A Reinares handbag is more than the sum of its exceptional parts. The passion, skill and dedication of our craftsman imbue each piece with integrity, personality and enduring value – qualities that cannot be duplicated by any factory on the far side of the world. We take great pride in making leather goods that adhere to old world standards of craftsmanship, and exhibit unmatched beauty and durability.
At Reinares, we feel it is our privilege to create leather handbags that are pleasing to the senses – and to the soul.